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November 15, 2022

Winter Sports! Winter Sports!

To be eligible to participate on the first day of practice or tryouts on Nov 28th, the following requirements need to be met by Friday, Nov 18th:

  1. needs to be completed

  2. MIAA Form A needs to be completed and returned to the nurse (Nurse Mutti has the copies)

  3. Current physical needs to be on file with the school nurse

  4. Concussion baseline test needs to be completed if required

For academic eligibility, students need to have a 1.67 or higher on their Quarter 1 grades, with no more than 1 F. This includes crew and humanities.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the school at 413.750.2929

November 11, 2022

COVID Test Kits & Vaccines

Springfield Public Schools will have at-home COVID-19 test kits to be used for self testing before schools re-open after the holiday breaks in November and December. Students can receive the test kits with written parental / guardian permission. Ask your crew teacher for the test kit form.

Also:Springfield provides a $75 gift card with each COVID-19 vaccination while supplies last. If you would like further information, please visit: Vaccination highly recommended, though not mandatory.