Qualities of a Renaissance Graduate

Craftsmanship & Quality

  • I craft, refine and polish a piece of work until it is of meeting quality.

  • I complete work with consistent care for organization, detail, and accuracy.

Problem Solving & Invention

  • I design and test solutions to problems.

  • I find multiple ways to solve a problem and can share the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions.

Inquiry & Investigation

  • I use questions to help me shape my research.

  • I actively seek out, synthesize and apply new information.

  • I investigate a topic through a variety of sources, ideas and viewpoints.

Critical Thinking & Analysis

  • I extract ideas from a variety of learning experiences (reading, group work, lecture, discussion,

  • hands-on activities) and synthesize them into a new understanding of a topic.

  • I independently understand, assess, synthesize and use information from different sources.

  • I develop a comprehensive understanding of a text, experiment, concept or idea by looking at its parts or components.


  • I organize and share my knowledge and ideas on a topic through speaking, writing or other meansof communication.

  • I demonstrate my understanding of things I learn, using appropriate tools, materials or language.

  • I craft well-organized, articulate, compelling, and focused writing appropriate for a defined purpose and audience.

Creative Thinking & Expression

  • I learn and apply a variety of means of creative expression to share ideas and information.

  • I use expressive, creative and focused language in my communication that engages a specific audience.