Governing Board

The Governing Board is Renaissance's School Centered Decision Making Team (SCDM). The purpose of the Governing Board is to help ensure Renaissance meets its mission and maintains EL practices.

Members of the Renaissance Governing Board

September 2020 - September 2021


  • Sarah Banning

  • Molly Dill

  • Erica Foley

  • Elizabeth Footit Simons


  • Yanira Aviles

  • LaMar Cook

  • Dena Cooper

  • Anne Richmond


  • Shane Dillon

  • Michelle Santiago

Community Members

  • Bonnie Elliston

  • Tracey Marshall


  • Arria Coburn


  • Unfilled

Governing board Meetings (20-21)

Visitors are welcome! Email Ms. Banning ( to attend a Governing Board meeting or to request an item be added to the agenda.

September 3rd from 5-6:30pm

Meeting Minutes

October 7th from 5-6:30pm

Meeting Minutes

November 4th from 5-6:30pm

Meeting Minutes

December 2nd from 5-6:30pm

Meeting Minutes

January 6th from 5-6:30pm

February 3rd from 5-6:30pm

March 3rd from 5-6:30pm

April 7th from 5-6:30pm

May 5th from 5-6:30pm

June 2nd from 5-6:30pm