"We are crew, not passengers." - Kurt Hahn

What is Crew?

  • Crews are made up of around 16 students and act as a student's home base!

  • Students stay with the same Crew teacher and fellow students 6th through 8th grade and 9th through 12th grade.

  • Crew is a place for students to build community, check-in about their grades and academic work, learn more about themselves, and build their decision-making skills.

  • Crew is a graduation requirement, and it is graded.

  • The Crew teacher is you and your student's point of contact at the school.

Crew Grading

Crew Learning Targets

Middle School

LT1: I contribute to the school community by following our school's mission and community commitment.

LT2: I am an organized, self-directed, and reflective student.

LT3: I prepare for success in high school and college.

High School

LT1: I contribute to the school community by following our school's mission and community commitment.

LT2: I am an organized, self-directed, and reflective student.

(9 & 10th) LT3: I prepare for success in high school and college.

(11 &12th) LT3: I prepare for college and career success.

Habits of Work

  1. I come to class ready to learn.

  2. I actively and collaboratively participate.

  3. I assess and revise my work.

  4. I complete daily homework.

Virtual Learning HOWs

  1. I come to my digital environment ready to learn.

  2. I actively and collaboratively participate in my online class.

  3. I assess and revise my independent assignments.

  4. I am a self-directed and organized student.

Student Led Family Conferences (SLFCs)

Instead of traditional Parent-Teacher Conferences, Renaissance empowers students to reflect on and share their learning with their family and Crew Teacher through a Student Led Family Conference.

Each November and April every student completes an SLFC where they share their academic progress, work samples, contributions to the school community, successes, and challenges with their families. The goal of SLFCs are for students to take ownership of their learning and progress, and to set measurable goals with their families. All 6th Grade students and students who are struggling academically complete an additional SLFC in February.

8th Grade Passage

All 8th grade students at Renaissance are required to complete a year-long intensive project in order to demonstrate their readiness for high school. They complete multiple academic reflections, write a letter to a high school teaching explaining their high school readiness, compile the reflections and work into a portfolio, and present to an audience.

8th Grade Passage Resources

10th Grade Passage

All sophomores at Renaissance must complete a rigorous project called Passage Portfolio. The Passage Portfolio demonstrates a student's academic and mental readiness for their last two years of high school and beyond.


  • Physical Challenge

  • Service Challenge

  • Academic Reflections

  • Resume

  • "This I Believe" Essay

  • Panel Presentation

10th Grade Passage Resources

11th Grade Internship

Why do our students do internships?

As part of our junior year crew and college-bound curriculum, all Renaissance students plan and complete an internship. The purpose of the junior internship is to prepare students for future success in a career and also to strengthen and develop qualities for positive participation in the community and future leadership. In their crews, students will engage in the process of identifying careers of interest, finding an internship site, setting goals for skill building, and reflecting on the experience. The internship helps connect school and community and encourages students to think critically about their future plans.

How many hours is the internship?

Students must complete a minimum of 40 hours at their internship site.

When can internships be completed?

Internship hours may be completed after-school, during intensives, or on weekends.

Do students earn credit for the internship?

Yes. Once students receive a performance evaluation, submit the documentation of their hours and their reflections, and complete the final presentation, they receive .5 credit.

What is the connection between the internship and crew?

In crew, students participate in a several week curriculum about career exploration. Using this career exploration experience, and with the help of their crew leaders, students decide which worksites they will approach to request an internship. Crew leaders will assist students making this contact, as needed. Crew leaders check in with students on their progress in completing their hours and writing regular reflections. Crew is also the place where students work on their final presentation.


When should students start their internship?

Students will take part in career exploration work in crew in September and/or October. All students are expected to have set up their internship by the second week of November, in time to share their plans at Student Led Family Conferences. If students are ready to begin their internship before November, they can make that arrangement with their crew leader.

Internship Resources

Senior Talks

Each Senior writes a "Senior Talk." The purpose of these talks is to give students the opportunity to not only reflect on their time at Renaissance, but also to think about their future and larger topics. Each student then presents their Senior Talk to their Crew teacher and family.